AEX loan treasure use strategy

2021-03-09 14:32:15:0

Take you to play "AEX Security Bank Loan Treasure"

1. Borrow Loan Bao's current loan, a flexible tool for short-term capital turnover!

Trick 1: Earn income through currency trading:

When the market is bullish, take BTC-USDT as an example, lend USDT to buy BTC in currency transactions, and sell BTC to make a profit after BTC rises;

When the market is bearish, take BTC-USDT as an example, lend BTC to sell BTC in a currency transaction, wait for BTC to fall, buy BTC and return the currency, earning the spread to achieve profit;

Example: An An is a professional player in the currency circle with multiple currencies such as BTC and ETH in his hand. When he sees the positive/negative value of a certain coin, he is a long-term hoarder and is unwilling to sell what he has. At this time, he chooses Anyin Liandaibao to lend USDT to go long/short a certain currency. With accurate operations, he can earn a certain amount of income.


Trick 2: Earn income through contract trading:

When the market is bullish, take BTC-USDT as an example, lend USDT, buy the BTC contract and open the short. While the contract is profitable, you can enjoy the original BTC price increase and double the income!

When the market is bearish, take BTC-USDT as an example, lend USDT, buy BTC contract to open short, enjoy the short order gains, form a hedge, and reduce losses when the currency price falls.

(Contract transactions are highly risky and professional, please make your trading decisions prudently based on your rational judgment and your own actual conditions.)

Trick 3: Quickly move bricks to arbitrage:

OTC arbitrage between platforms requires fast deposit and withdrawal of coins, but no matter how fast there is, there is a timing difference. Borrowing coins through pledge will be credited to the account instantly, which can win time.

Trick 4: Participate in financial management, liquidity mining (such as ASwap and other liquid pools), etc., to earn income.

At present, the income of financial management and liquidity mining tends to be relatively high, and when you find a relatively high-yield product, you can earn the difference by borrowing the corresponding currency and obtain the corresponding income.

2. Loanbao fixed-term loan: a super long-term low-interest loan tool!

Trick 5: large capital turnover

There is an urgent need for large amounts of funds for turnover, and they do not want to sell the digital currency they hold. There is no need to sell the currency held, choose to pledge, immediately obtain capital turnover, and ultra-low interest.

For example: An'an intends to hold assets such as BTC for a long time, and just needs to buy a house in the near future. At this time, An'an chooses to pledge BTC to lend other currencies, quickly obtain funds, and successfully solve its own funding problems.

Trick 6: Miners pay electricity bills

Miners pledge coins, lend money to pay electricity bills, don't need to sell coins, and make money when the currency price rises!

Example: An An is a miner who has been hoarding BTC for a long time, but recently encountered a funding problem and needs to make a long-term turnover. At this time, An'an borrows other currencies through the loan-to-date loan pledge of BTC, and can obtain liquidity at one time, and only needs to repay a certain amount of interest every month, and after repaying the principal and interest, he can withdraw his pledged BTC.